Saturday, 22 November 2014


It's incredible and unbelievable to be swept off your feet into the ocean of God's love which goes on to pour itself out into the lives of others.

Ephesians 3

Thursday, 20 November 2014


We must be solar-powered by the Sun of Righteousness. He is the only One with healing in His wings.

We are called to 'kiss the Son, lest He be angry and we perish in the way'. He says He is coming quickly and will bring His reward with Him.

God is always alert and active, watching over His word to perform it. 'So be it' is His final word to us in Scripture.

Let us then sing the Messiah from true hearts this Christmas, doing homage to the Baby in the cattle stall as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This is the theme of all God's writings set to music inspired by the Author.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014


God's heart yearns for man to walk in intimacy with Him and will not rest until His chosen ones enjoy their heritage in Christ.

Our part is to die in the attempt to scale these heights of bliss. There's no room for two wills on the narrow way.

Romans 12 vs 1,2

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Citizens whose birth is registered in heaven, form God's House of Representatives on earth.

The true meaning of 'ekklesia' in Scripture, a believing community founded on the confession of Jesus Christ as the unique Son of the living God and called to govern in His name. The place they gather is to be known as the House of Prayer from where they proceed as God's Gate Crashers into every domain on earth.

Not an earthly institution with hierarchy, powers, dogma, ritual and structure, which has no being or life of its own.

Matthew 16 vs 16 to 19.


The heart of evil is nothingness, a mass of nobodies living in the darkness of meaninglessness, no distinguishing marks, abhorring the light. It's shape is always with us, diminishing us, seeking to extinguish and gag us, terrified of truth and bright reality, hating and reviling every flicker of the light and life of God, who lightens every man coming into the world. Satan serves its purposes, holding all men captive through their choice of rebellion against their Maker.

Only the Man, Jesus, the unique Son of God, and only God of Salvation, could take it on, and defeat it in it's own headquarters. He now enables His brethren to do the same in His name, and hidden in His Being. We can storm its citadels on earth, God's 'gate crashers', assured the gates of hell will not be able to withstand us, rescuing His chosen and precious people, bringing them home.

This is the yolk we are called to take upon us, assured of His companionship and rest as we journey on. What other vocation can pay these wages?

God said to Moses 'My Presence shall go with you and I will give you rest'. He still promises the same to those who ask that He not leave them.