Saturday, 31 October 2015


Some Christians cocoon themselves in the death of Christ, using the cross as some kind of talisman from all evil. This is their cop out of a life spent in rigorous service entering the brokenness of life, living in a resurrected Lord who leads the way in triumph through the gates of hell on earth, bringing captives with Him to new life.

It is we who have to die daily as we follow in His steps, but in growing confidence of His love and goodness towards us and those we seek to rescue. We know His resurrecting power at work within ourselves and have confidence to ask for yet more dangerous assignments in the battle for His Kingdom on earth.

Ephesians 3 vs 14 - 21.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Equality today means equality of value for all lifestyles. There is to be no freedom to discriminate and assign disapproval or condemnation. No toleration of intolerance. No absolute truth which is the measure of all things. Each man a law unto themselves.

If this position is questioned they reckon they feel threatened and offended and the guilty party is put in chains. None must disturb their pursuit of pleasure in satisfying their own lusts.


Prophets are those called to reveal the heartbeat of God for His world. His yearning for reconciliation and peace, both with Himself and between His people. His yearning too for righteousness, mercy and justice to hold sway.

This will disturb the self-seeking complacency of man and stir up rebellion and anger. It is the prophet who will be considered the troublemaker and muzzled.


God is itching to get His hands dirty in rebuilding His world of man and nature. It is to rebuild a garden and a shelter, a haven where He can live amongst His people and walk with them again.

He calls man to this high purpose. The only hands He has are ours. We must give them to make havens for others who are homeless and damaged.