Sunday, 29 May 2016


Jesus assured His disciples He was going ahead to build a home for His bride. Each day we provide Him with the building materials, a pearl here, a ruby there garnered by our works of righteousness. Chief of these is to love Him with all our hearts. He is to be our greatest treasure and desired above all else.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


When man threw God out of His home he became a fugitive slave, always on the run from tyranny of one kind or another.

When Jesus, the God of our salvation, submitted willingly to that tyrant, enduring the anger of both God and man, the price of our ransom was paid in full and our freedom ensured.

Ignoring this truth will ensure our final and never-ending torment of mind, body and soul.


God had made an amazing world for man to live in. He then made an amazing man to live in it. There was only one problem. God was in charge and declared the conditions under which man was to function if he was to walk in loving fellowship with Him.

Satan, out of hatred, jealousy and covetousness, came to Eve and told her that God was the problem with the world and was out to spoil their fun. There was only one answer. She had to rebel against Him and chuck Him out of the garden.

God screamed in agony as He came looking for man who had now withdrawn into the bushes, hiding out of shame and fear from His Father.

From that day the reign of terror began. Man can never win so lives in perpetual fear of himself, God and others, destroying creation with every step he takes. Burnt earth policies were born. If I'm not going to have it the enemy won't either.

Satan is the ultimate spoilsport but is now a defeated foe, in principle if not in practice. The reign of terror continues, surging and ebbing as the truth comes and goes on the lips and in the lives of God's restored children.

To the extent that we know Him, we too will share in His joys and agony until Jesus, the only God of salvation, comes to take His rightful place on the throne of David in Jerusalem. Our lives and prayers will hasten that day as others join our ranks, released from the captivity of Satan. He is rendered helpless against this onslaught and roars with rage at every defeat.

The celebrations of praise by the saints of God is the best way to drown out his voice.

Saturday, 21 May 2016


Since God is the One in whom we all live and move and have our being, whether we recognise Him or not, without Him nothing can exist, cohere or adhere together. This being so, some walk in love with Him, others continually at war with Him.

As His children we have His image growing in us and so we walk reflecting ever more conspicuously, His glory.

In so doing, this weight of glory will hasten the coming of His Kingdom on earth by our words, deeds and even our smiles, or it will hasten the descent of others into hell.

No moment of our time and God's is ever wasted. That is why we have to redeem it for Him. In so doing we are preparing our eternal weight of glory, the clothing we will wear at our wedding feast with the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world.

Each day this feast is drawing nearer. Live in the dawning light of that truth.

Paul encouraged believers with these words in his second letter to the Corinthians found in chapter 4.

Saturday, 7 May 2016


While the rest of the world is decomposing and imploding, Israel is burgeoning with new life. It is in the air and in His people. Surely the signs of the coming of summer that Jesus spoke of when asked about the restoration of the temple and the kingdom to Israel.

He told His followers that the generation that observes these signs will see His coming. It's nearer than we think. They are blessing those who come with the good news of their coming salvation in His name. He is standing at the doors awaiting His marching orders to sally forth in victory.

I've seen Israel's Spring. His word says the walls of the new city will be made of sapphires. I have a ring of eternity from the gates of Jerusalem on my finger to confirm it. The return of God's people to Israel is as sure as the sun and moon in their orbits. It is for this we must work and pray.

As Jesus said 'the fields are white unto harvest and the labourers are few. Pray therefore that the Lord of the harvest send forth His labourers.' I'm going. Are you?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and God's blessings will rest upon you.

Jeremiah 31 vs 35,36.t

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


When man turned from his God-ordained destiny to walk with His heavenly Father and Creator, it ripped the heart of God apart. Satan had won the soul of man.

At the Place of the Skull it was ripped apart again, His beloved Son's life given to pay the ransom to redeem His chosen people from Satan's grip, their true destiny with Himself restored.

We neglect Him at our peril.

Monday, 2 May 2016


Since a child God has cradled me in the promises and comforts of the words spoken to His people, the children of Israel. The good news proclaimed by the appointed witnesses of the life, death, resurrection and ascension of His dearly beloved Son, the King and Messiah of His people, completed the story of redemption.

It is a story of mine and equips me to share it with the lost sheep of the house of Israel wherever they are found.

It's a story as real as the sun which rises over Jerusalem every morning and which prefigures His coming to rule over all creation until His enemies are put under His foot stool and He presents the redeemed world to His Father.

It's all there in the words spoken by the prophets of the old administration of the covenant and foretold by the prophets of the new dispensation, under the direction of the chief Prophet, Priest and King.