Wednesday, 29 July 2015


We may be able to clean the outside, but only God can clean the inside. This He does by gently making us aware of the smudges which impede the incoming light of His truth and the reflection of His life through ours. As we recognise them we turn from those ways that grieve Him. He loves us the more for doing so, not the less. There is no place for feelings of guilt as there is no place for condemnation, when we are His children. Our open confession and expression of gratitude for His salvation is all He asks.


True discipleship is learning to love God and His life-giving ways of salvation, and to swiftly follow in them, so basking in His delighted approval. This spurs us on to yet more loving obedience and intimacy of union with Him, recognising His everlasting loving-kindness reaching out towards us moment by moment, transforming those moments into joy unspeakable.

This, too, is the commission we have from Him, to call others to this high vocation.

Baptism is the sign of our acceptance of, and initiation into, this vocation. In it we declare allegiance to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In fellowship with other family members the breaking of bread and drinking of wine in memory of the sacrifice of Jesus, the God of our salvation, nourishes His life in us, individually and as a body of followers of like assurance, stirring up love for Him and one another as He taught.

A careful reading of the records of the good news of God's redemption in His Son will make this plain.