Friday, 8 July 2016


Secularism masquerades as a theory of religious neutrality whereas it is the pursuit of blatant godlessness and self-promotion. It is a creeping deathly fog and a slow rising tide of filth.

God's children live in this suffocating air and drink its poison from dawn till dusk. The filthy waters encroach ever nearer. No wonder mere professors are shrunken and emaciated. Those who willingly imbibe it flourish and grow fat. Those who resist the deadly diet are persecuted and cast aside. We remind society of another reality, a world of truth, righteousness and humility, the stench of their coming death.

The ultimate conflict is between self-promotion and self-sacrifice. As Jesus said those who live to save their lives will loose them and those who loose their lives for the sake of the kingdom of His rule will save them.

Some will rise to unending life in God's presence. Others will rise to an unending life of torment and abandonment. Each day we face the choice where we will spend the rest of our lives.

Hell is the eternal scream.

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