Thursday, 21 July 2016


Man honours the human institutions of religion more than he honours God. Through them he creates a collective voice of authority and human traditions which become exclusive and ultimately oppressive to spiritual growth.

Religion is spirituality in the image of man which precludes man becoming the image of God. This is why there is a ferocious competition for the seat of ultimate domination. It is Satan's mimicry of God's plan for mankind. He seeks to retain his slaves and take the final seat of power in Jerusalem, in his bid to overthrow God.

He is already defeated but continues to subvert God's purpose and deceive the nations, the more so as his time of captivity draws near. After that he will be released for a moment to unite evil in a final onslaught against the King of Kings.

Before the dawn of time the only begotten Son of God was chosen by our heavenly Father to defeat sin and death and bring His people safely home. They will march out together and, as always, our Redeemer King will slay them with one Word from His mouth.

God's words which spoke life into being, will accomplish His creation of a new world and a new humanity in love with Him forever.

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